Thornbury Railway Station.























A `Tender` from Edwin Niblett of Gloucester to build the `Thornbury Station` was received in June,1871 and accepted for 405.00.

Further `Tenders` were considered in February,1872 to build the `Station Masters House` and `Goods Warehouse` `Tenders` were accepted from Samuel Robertson of:

288.10.0 (Station Masters House).

664.13.0 (Goods Warehouse.)

Tracks were laid by the 5th March,1872 - the turntable foundation costing 192.00 was awaiting the Turntable.

The first Public Train ran from Bristol to Thornbury on the 2nd September,1872 on board was `The Mayor` and 100 Guests and Passengers, was welcomed by the Town by a Brass Band.

Fifty people booked from Thornbury on the first train to Bristol.

In the afternoon 600 children and teachers travelled by a Special train of 18.coaches to Yate and back for 4d each, and were also entertained to tea.

The line was closed to passenger traffic on June 19,1944.


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