Saint Paul`s Church.

Centenary Celebration 2005.

Among those who have given of their time and talents to put this Flower Festival together we thank especially -













Margaret Hall.

Rosemary Rodliffe.

Joan Shipp.

Kate Teague.

Phyl Dykes.

Olive Britton.

Gwen Morris.

Nan Troman.

Pat Milne.

Irene Butt.

Clare Hayward.

Rita Freed.

Ruth Parker.

Jean Bokes.

Sally Taylor.

Monica Mullinex.

Jo Whiteman.

Mickey Flight.

Sue Hunter.

Doreen Dolder.

Sheila Jones.

Members of the Severn Vale Flower Club.


And all those who have lifted and carried and swept up behind us.

WE are grateful to everyone who has helped in any way to make

this weekend of Celebration a success.