The Garden - by `Kip`.

You look into the Garden

What is it that you see,

you feel a sense of wonder

with a touch of mystery.

The wildlife in the corner

with the hedge of bracken green,

the rockery`s there before you

with something you`ve not seen.

Siblands is a centre where

many people meet,

it has a Sensory Garden

which i think is rather neat.

You walk through the archway

a wonder to behold

you`ll see the Sensory Garden which

isn`t very old.

The different designs to astound you

with many colours to see,

you can see the hanging baskets

which was a gift from John to me.

The buddleia is a flower the clients

love to see,

it helps to bring the butterfly`s

which Nick loves to see.

So come into the Garden and let

your senses free,

someone`s here to welcome you

and that someone could be me.